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We’ve received your request for an insurance quote and further information for Affordable Life insurance from AIG.

Your request for life insurance from one of America’s premier life insurers is a wise decision on your part. AIG’s insurance rates are some of the most competitive in the marketplace.

This A+ rated insurer offers affordable term life insurance with policy periods from 10 to 30 years. In many cases, families want to obtain life insurance to cover the entire family and have multiple options with valuable living benefits, The BBIFinancial insurance professionals will be pleased to discuss every optional coverage available to you.

The following short video explains why Term Insurance is the most affordable insurance option available today.


Our first and foremost mission at BBI Financial is to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your family is sufficiently protected from the financial devastation that can result in the event of your death.

We can provide this peace of mind by spending just a few minutes with you to obtain the information needed to offer a legitimate quote for an insurance solution that will best meet your needs and your budget.

For more information about AIG Life Insurance products and to get a free and confidential quote, contact our insurance professionals at (800) 958-1525 during normal business hours, or you can contact us through our website at your convenience.

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