Universal Life Insurance

Financial Protection for Your Family and Your Future


Lifetime Death Benefit

Secure a lifetime death benefit that protects your loved ones from the financial loss in the event of your death


Cash Accumulation

You’ll value the opportunity for cash accumulation that will help with financial needs like college funding, retirement income, or emergencies.


Policy Flexibility

Take advantage of the flexibility to adjust payment amounts and frequency, as well as the ability to change the death benefit.

Product Choices to Meet Your Needs

Traditional Universal Life


  • Policy accumulates cash value using a specified interest rate stated in the contract
  • Focused on greater cash accumulation which leads to income potential
  • Access to cash value via Policy Loans and Partial Surrenders

Indexed Universal Life


  • Offers life insurance protection for a lifetime
  • Builds cash value based on interest-crediting options linked to the performance of a market index
  • Provides protection in a down market with the guarantee of a floor percentage to prevent loss of funds

Guaranteed Universal Life


  • Provides a guaranteed death benefit for a period of your choice, up to your lifetime
  • The focus is on the death benefit first, and the cash value second
  • Provides flexibility for the future and the choice of valuable riders

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